winterberg still

Art Museum Reutlingen


Fri 30. Oct 20.00

Symbiotic Distortion

Generate MMXX Performance

Michel Winterberg uses live sound sources from electromagnetic interference fields of everyday devices such as fans, computers and power supplies. Using these devices and special detectors, he improvises granular to repetitive or supporting soundscapes and immerses the listener in a psychedelic noise cosmos.

The electromagnetic fields are made audible (and visible with sound-reactive visuals) for us live through special detectors. In "Symbiotic Distortion" no actual sequencer is used, but only the improvised sounds are worked with, which are further processed and played back through delay loops and effect loops.

  • Beamer
  • Power Supply
  • Audiovisuelle Performance
  • 2020

Michel Winterberg

In addition to his live performances, Michel Winterberg prefers to process his artistic questions in interactive video and sound installations. In doing so, his exploration always revolves around questions of a reorganisation of the sensual. The trained electromechanic and studied process designer uses his sensitivity for the agency of non-human actors to enter into an artistic dialogue with things and their materiality. Michel Winterberg has been involved with electronic music and sound design since the early 1990s. Since 2013, he has been technical director at the HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel). He has been exhibiting regularly in Switzerland and Europe since 2010.