Sat 27. Nov 12.1220.59
Tue 30. Nov 15.0118.33

Social Mischief

In this real-time global collaboration between Japanese-based artist The Glad Scientist and the Berlin-based IMRSV art collective, it is up to the on-site audience, equipped with body sensors, to control the decisions and actions of the performer in his studio in Japan. Based on these inputs, various objects are created in the artist's virtual reality world, which he uses to generatively compose music and moving images for the audience in the real world. The audience and the artist improvise a unique audiovisual performance together in this collaboration.

  • 2020

The Glad Scientist + IMRSV

The Glad Scientist (Daniel Sabio) is a Puerto Rican artist, programmer and VJ. He is considered one of the pioneers of virtual reality music as an art form. His works range from live audiovisual performances and multi-channel sound installations to brain, heart and lid-driven artwork and immersive video game experiences. Although his work is highly technical, he tries to raise new questions about our future and the (in)ability of technology to perhaps (in)expectedly make us more human. In recent years his work has been invited to numerous international festivals and symposia. He is also the founder of the Art in Tech Atlanta Meetup and the international indie electronic label VLSC Records.