Fri 20. Oct
Sat 11. Nov


GENERATE!° 2017 Exhibition

This audiovisual work is the continuation of a series that has been exhibited in Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnuis and several places in Germany over the last four years.

  • Audiovisuelle Installation
  • 2017

Lukas Nowok

Active as a sound artist and creative technologist, electronic musician and improviser working in a broad field of art forms including theatre, media art and electroacoustics. his work is centered around the concept of stasis and the perception of time. being involved in long durational sound works, lukas nowok tries to minimise temporal qualities of sound: rhythm, harmonic- and melodic progression, to a point where sounds transpose to sonic objects. time is being dissolved as a qualitative and quantitative value, opening a different state of listening. recent displays of his solo works and collaborations include international festivals, concerts and workshops in finland, lithuania, china, canada and Germany.