Fri 20. Oct


GENERATE!° 2017 Exhibition

GIZA QUASAR is an animation series. It consists of four episodes, each of four minutes in length. The episodes have been migrated to the most obsolete home video formats. Episode 1: Philips VCR (video system from 1972), Episode 2: Panasonic VX (video system from 1975), Episode 3: Sanyo VCordII (video system from 1976), Episode 4: Akai VK-30 (video system from 1977). Once transferred, the original digital files were deleted. GIZA QUASAR remains on the video cassettes only.

  • Videoinstallation
  • 2015

Jon Frickey

Jon Frickey is a German-American visual artist and animator. Formerly an advertising art director, he enjoys stylistic variation in his work, characterized by the central theme of kinda-funnyish. His works have been exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the National Museum of Art, Mexico City, and the Kyoto Hi-Nest, amongst other institutions. Jon lives in Hamburg, Germany.