Fri 26. Mar 20.00

Essence of Disappearance

The feeling of being trapped is a currently intense psychological and existential experience. "Essence of Disappearance" is a performance that penetrates the fear of global crisis and physical isolation and sets in motion the disappearance of time and the release from space. In the form of a sound ritual, the performance contrasts generative light systems as an expression of the aggression of domination. The performance experiments with the hierarchical power of the dictates of space over the human body. With the complete connection of artist and generative medium, a new practice of ritual is anticipated in the current turbulences we live in today.

  • 2020

Khaled Kaddal

Khaled Kaddal is an Egyptian visual artist and sound performer currently based in London. His work deals with two interdependent abstractions; the "eternity of time" and the "dominion of space", in search of the stable balance of intelligence, emotions and moral judgments. He had a solo exhibition at Overgaden Institut for Samtidskunst in Copenhagen, group exhibitions at Science Gallery London, Sharjah Art Foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum among others, performances most recently at Cairotronica Symposium Cairo, European Center for the Arts Hellerau and Dilston Grove Gallery London.