Fri 20. Oct
Sat 11. Nov

Camera Lucida

GENERATE!° 2017 Exhibition

Camera Lucida is an installation consisting of an Android tablet on which a program is drawing the immediate surroundings in a continuous line. The tablet is mounted in a small picture frame so that the recipients perceive the drawing not as a camera installation but instead as a picture. The original camera lucida, a precursor of today’s camera, is an apparatus which helps illustrators to capture their impressions on paper.

  • Installation
  • 2017

Yuske Goto

Yuske Goto recalled his childhood for the installation, when his father developed photographs in a makeshift laboratory in their kitchen at home whilst everyone else was asleep. The picture gradually appeared, a moment captured on photo paper under the yellow safe lamp. A magical moment, burned into memory but yet so irrelevant with today‘s iPhone photography. The installation is not only reminding of this once extremely slow process. Furthermore, it is an attempt to visualise the process of the developing image, which today takes place in milliseconds, in an alternative way.