Sat 4. Nov 21.00


GENERATE!° 2017 Performance

Perrine Bailleux's practices ranging from music and voice to performance, theory & teaching converge into an formal and generic exploration of "song-making" as a specific medium. She has developed the 'experimental pop' solo project PERRINE EN MORCEAUX, performed many concerts in Europe and released three albums. The third one, RIEN, was recently published by avant-garde electronic labels Lentonia Records (Paris) and NewLosAngeles (L.A.). On the other hand, she's been pursuing a somewhat revolutionary interpretation of Malevich's late works through the analysis of one of his paintings. She exposes her speculations in songs, performing a lecture-concert titled "Be as it may". An album and a book should follow. She also works on a children's book based on Tristan Garcia's ontology.

  • vortrag-performance-konzert
  • 2014-17

Perrine Bailleux

  • Paris, France