Fri 26. Mar 20.00

8r0wš3r Âmnēś1å

Generate MMXX Performance

8r0wš3r Âmnēś1å (Browser Amnesia) is an audiovisual performance about the problems of surfing the Internet. It is a time-based composition performed with and about new technologies and reflects the current Internet: dopamine-driven web searches, distracting notifications, information overload, endless social media scroll spirals, etc. 8r0wš3r Âmnēś1å uses interactive multi-camera video feeds of the performer, which are contextualized in several scenes with web-related content. Sounds are generated using a microphone and a mix of different interactive technologies. Both audio and video are generated and performed in real-time. Sounds, images and actions are interactively linked and are in constant dialogue.

  • 2020

Stefano D’Alessio

Stefano D'Alessio is an Italian artist, composer and lecturer in new media. His main focus is on performances and installations in which different media are fused together through technology, paying particular attention to time-based composition. His research focuses on the digitalization of the human being in new technologies and virtual representations of the "real". The resulting works involve the human body as an object of analysis, from the encoding and decoding processes of the real physical to the digital abstract, questioning the ephemeral boundaries between machine and body, artificial intelligence and consciousness.