Sa. 21. Okt. 21.0021.30

Physical Fluidifying

GENERATE!° 2017 Performance

abirdwhale is a solo project of Kakinoki Masato, London-based Japanese musician, audiovisual artist, film music composer. He wrote and produced soundtracks and an inserted song for the feature film 'Fragile' (directed by Shingo Ota). The film was screened internationally, including The Tokyo International Film Festival. He won the Best Remix award in PROGRESSIVE FOrM Tetsuya Hikita+NIL 'Water Wheel' Remix Contest. His works have been aired by Nick Luscombe and Verity Sharp on BBC Radio 3. His work varies from singer-songwriter style to audiovisual digital performance art, where he explores the fragile balance among, visceral, emotion, chaos, noise and order.

  • digital-audiovisuelle-musikperformance
  • 2017