Sa. 28. Okt. 21.00

Box of Black 17

GENERATE!° 2017 Performance

Ypsmael is a one-man sound art and performance project in the area of electro-acoustic improvisation, originating in 2009 in England. Crafting textural sound washes and live loops, Ypsmael has been experimenting with controlled and arranged feedback and audio detritus derived from various materials as sound sources coupled with hardware technology. Audio artifacts from amplified objects and different types of microphones and preamps are used alongside an array of instruments, field recordings, modified electronics and fx boxes. In over a hundred live appearances in ten countries, Ypsmael has been collaborating with or performing solo in support of Simon Whetham, Nate Young& Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes), Simon Scott (Slowdive), Damo Suzuki (Can), Dieter Moebius (Cluster) and many more.

  • Live-Elektronik
  • 2017