Sa. 21. Okt. 20.3021.00

AMEN $ Mother Function

GENERATE!° 2017 Performance

Neil C Smith is an Artist& Technologist from Oxford, UK. He has a BA(Hon) in Contemporary Music (Bretton Hall, 1999) and an MA in Contemporary Art (Oxford Brookes, 2002). An artist working with code, his work explores ways of opening up and challenging the nature of creativity itself, in particular through the use of computational algorithms. Working sonically and visually, solo and in collaboration, he creates improvised& live-coded performances, and generative& interactive installations. His work exists in real-time and real-space – each moment unique and unrepeatable. He is the lead developer of Praxis LIVE, a hybrid visual IDE for (live) creative coding, maintains various Java media libraries including the bindings for GStreamer, and is an Apache NetBeans committer.

  • Live-coded Audio-Performance
  • 2017

Neil C. Smith